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Adams, Ada- ReAwakened
Adams, Ada- ReVamped
Ahern, Cecilia- Love, Rosie
Allyn, Anya- Dollhouse
Amare, Mercy- Jaded
Amare, Mercy- You've Got Me
Astor, Rachel- Bridesmaid Lotto
Banister, Tracie- In Need of Therapy
Barnholdt, Lauren- Witches of Santa Anna
Bartol, Amy- Incendiary
Bartol, Amy- Sea of Stars
Wallace-Benifiel Stacey- Crossing
Bevis, Kaitlin- Persephone
Blakemore-Mowle, Karlene- Whisky State of Mind and Whisky on my Mind
Blesy, Marcy- Finding Reese
Bond, Gwenda- Blackwood
Boring, Belinda- Mystic Wolves
Bourbon- Ramirez, Melissa- Deceiving the Witch Next Door
Brothwell, Joanne- Stealing Breath
Brothwell, Joanne- Vicarious
Browne, Hester- The Runaway Princess
Bryant, C.K.- Bound
Buchanan, Andrea- The Gift
Burstein, Lisa- The Next Forever
Cabot, Meg- Awaken
Cameron, Chelsea- Christmas Catch
Cameron, Chelsea- For Real
Cameron, Chelsea- My Favorite Mistake
Cameron, Chelsea- My Sweetest Mistake
Cameron, Chelsea- Nocturnal
Cameron, Chelsea- Nightmare
Carmack, Cora- Losing It
Carter, Aimee- The Goddess Inheritance
Cates, Georgia- Shallow
Channelle, Christina- Dahlia
Channing, Wynn- I Am Forever
Chardou, Elle- Hart Attack
Chase, Nichole- Recklessly Royal
Cimino, Adria J- Close to Destiny
Clark, Lauren- Dancing Naked in Dixie
Collins, Sage- Love Sucks
Colyer, Cherie- Embrace
Cooper, Jill- The Dream Slayer
Dailey, Sarah- Circle of Lies
Dailey, Sarah- Pack of Lies
Darnell, Melissa- Consume
Darnell, Melissa- Covet
Davies, Debbie- Any Love But Mine
Davis, Sophie- Talented
Davis, Sophie- Hunted
Dawson, Devyn- Sapphire
Deagan, Rachel- Caged Moon
Derting, Kimberly- The Replaced
Derting, Kimberly- The Taking
Dodd, Jillian- That Boy
Dodd, Jillian- That Wedding
Duncan, Megan- Devour
Duncan, Megan- Released
Edwards, Maddie- One Black Rose Series
Ellison, Kate Avery- Frost
Emery, J.C.- Anomaly
Erin, Aileen- Alpha Divided
Erin, Aileen- Avoiding Alpha
Erin, Aileen- Becoming Alpha
Felix, Lila- Burden
Felix, Lila- Love and Skate and How it Rolls
Felix, Lila- Perchance
Filloon, L- The Binding
Fischer Richardson, Nancy- Pandora's Key
 Gardner, A.- Engagement Game
Garden, Vanessa- Captivate
Garvis Graves, Tracey- On the Island
Gibbs, Abigail- The Dark Heroine- Autumn Rose
Gibbs, Abigail- The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire
Glenn, Priscilla- Back to You
Glines, Abbi- Predestined
Goodgame, Cyndi- The Fey Court Trilogy 
Grey, Annalise- Howl
Hashway, Kelly- Touch of Death
Hamilton, Rebecca- The Forever Girl
Hardin, Olivia- Witch Way Bends
Hargrove, A.M.- Survival
Hargrove, A.M.- Ressurection
Hargrove, A.M.- Determinant
Harper, Molly- How to Run with a Naked Werewolf
Hart, Emma- Mauve Legacy Series
Hart, Jessica- Hitched
Harvey, Alyxandra- Red
Hauck, Rachel- How to Catch a Prince
Hildenbrand, Heather- Blood Rule
Hildenbrand, Heather- Broken Blood
Hunter, C.C.- Eternal
Hunter, C.C.- Reborn
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Derailed
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Dire
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Flight
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Focus
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Found
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- The Hazards of a One Night Stand
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- The Hazards of Sex on the Beach
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- The Hazards of Skinny Dipping
Ivy, Alyssa Rose, Shaken not Stirred
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Soar
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Veer
Ivy, Alyssa Rose- Wrecked
James, Aiden- The Vampire's Last Lover
Jasper, Liz- Crimson in the Very Wrong Fairy Tale
Jefford, Nikki- Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter (Vol. 1)
Jefford, Nikki- Spellbound Series
Jones, Kristi- Corpse Goddess
Kavi, Miranda- Crux 
Kavi, Miranda- Dark Trade
Kavi, Miranda- Flee
Kavi, Miranda- Rive
Kavi, Miranda- Rua
Kelli, Eris- Piper Levigne and the Gypsys Truth
Kelli, Eris- Piper Levigne and the Path of Betrayal
Kelly, Nikki- Lailah
Kemp, Anne- Rum Punch Regrets
Kinrade, Kim- Forbidden Mind
Kinrade, Kim- Forbidden Fire
Kinrade, Kim- Forbidden Life
Lee, Michelle- Wolf Heart
London, Heather- Fall From Love
London, Heather- The Hardest Part
London, Heather- Swift
Lopez, Bethany- Friends and Lovers Trilogy
Lynn, Michelle- Love Me Back
Lyons, Heather- Beyond Fate
Lyons, Heather- A Matter of Fate
Lyons, Heather- A Matter of Forever
Lyons, Heather- A Matter of Heart
Lyons, Heather- A Matter of Truth
Lyons, Heather- The Deep End of the Sea
Madison, Shawntelle- Coveted
Madison, Shawntelle- Kept
Maizel, Rebecca- Stolen Nights
Mallery, Susan- The Christmas Wedding Ring
Marr, Maggie- Can't Buy Me Love
Martinez, Peggy- Sweet Contradiction
McGarry, Katie- Pushing the Limits
McQuay, Jessica- Black Moon
McKee, Christy- Maybe too Good to be True
Mesick, Catherine- Pure
Michaels, Emma- Owlet
Miller, Cat- Unbound
Miller, Michelle G.- Never Let You Fall
Moore, Addison- The Solitude of Passion
Moore, Addison- Someone to Love
Morgen, A.K.- Fall
Nelson, Stephanie- Taming the Wolf
Nelson, T. Michelle- The Life and Death of Lily Drake
Nelson, T. Michelle- 'Til Death do us Part
Newmann, E.C.- Phase
Novak, Brenda- When We Touch
Olsen, Lisa- Moonsong
Ostler, Heather- The Shapeshifter's Secret
Parker, Mary- The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake
Parker, Natalie C.- Beware of the Wild
Pierce, S.J.- Captivate Me

Raines, K.A.- Shattered Grace
Redmerski, J.A.- The Edge of Never
Reine, S.M.- Seasons of the Moon
Reine, S.M.- Six Moon Summer
Rich, Christie- Five
Ross, Sarah M.- Inhale, Exhale
Saare, J.A.- Crimson Moon
Salidas, Kate- Moonlight
Schield, Cat- His Secret Temptation
Schmidt, Cheri- Fateful
Shalvis, Jill- Forever and a Day
Shaw, Jaidis- Destiny Awaits
Shepherd, Megan- The Cage
Smeltzer, Micalea- Chasing Olivia
Smeltzer, Micalea- Finding Olivia
Smeltzer, Micalea- Outsider
Smith, Cege- Ageless
Snyder, Jennifer- Catalyst
Snyder, Jennifer- Conjure
Snyder, Jennifer- Confined
Snyder, Jennifer- Marked and Changed
Sommer, Romy- Waking up in Vegas
Sorensen, Jessica- The Secret of Ella and Micha
Stanton, Angie- Royally Lost
Stanton, Angie- Snowed Over
Star, A.- Lover, Divine
Stiefvater, Maggie- Sinner
Stockman, Jolene- The Jelly Bean Crisis
Tiernan, Cate- Darkest Fear

Valles, C.J.- For Ever
Van-Dyken, Rachel- Elect
Van-Dyken, Rachel- Elite
Voisin, Lisa- Watcher
Wade, Krystal- Wilde's Fire
Wade, Krystal- Wilde's Army
Walter, Rachel- Soul Promise
Walters, Ednah- Immortals
Walters, Ednah- Runes
Walters, Ednah- Witches
Webber, Tammara- Easy
Weil, J.L.- Luminescence
Whitten, Mary- Dare to Bleed

Yanski, Nicole- Midnight Blood
Young, Jayton- For Their Happiness